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  • Passion and Purpose: Three Fall Beauty Rituals for Radiance & Renewal
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    Lane Edwards

Passion and Purpose: Three Fall Beauty Rituals for Radiance & Renewal

Since ancient times, September has been thought of as the beginning of the New Year, a time for introspection and resolution. Do you ever notice the fall brings back a renewed passion and purpose? Seasons seem to give way to one another, even if the month motions are so swift we don’t realize we're moving. There is something new in our lives, and it’s time to reach into our authentic wants and look after ourselves after being so open and exposed over the warm summer months. The beauty of autumnal rituals is that no one else knows we're making them... like calling a solitary hour in a day of our own, or just taking time to look into the mirror, and caress our bodies with a new acceptance and tenderness.

Bathing Vs. Taking a Bath

"There must be quite a few things a hot bath wont cure, but I don't know many of them." - Sylvia Plath 

Every woman should be in on this wisdom… don’t you feel there is a significant difference between bathing and taking a bath? Taking a bath is a self-care ceremony in which one not only cleanses their body, but cures daily anxieties, like a liquid lullaby to the nervous system and busy mind. This has been my nightly ritual in the colder months since I can remember. I crave the immersion of soft ripples of water warming my bones and purifying the day’s frazzled energy.

As a busy mother of three and entrepreneur, there is no time to flock to a spa, but I actually really love the intimacy and privacy of my own bathroom. Close the door, run the tap, and pour in my favourite potions such as our Cocoa & Rose Body Oil with rare and luxurious cocoa absolute, rose geranium and hydrating sweet almond oil. Just a little bit goes a long way and nourishes the skin with lasting moisture, and a gorgeous soft aroma after gently patting dry. I also love sprinkling in our Rose Chocolat Sea Soak with pink Himalayan sea salt, which is rich in restorative trace minerals and muscle soothing magnesium, as well as Bulgarian rose and cocoa oil. (This potion will be going into our vault soon, so quantities are limited. Pamper yourself while you can.)

“Smells are surer than sounds and sights to make your heartstrings crack.” - Rudyard Kipling

At Pura, all of our body and bath concoctions are handcrafted with 100% natural, Naha and Vege certified pure essential oils, unlike conventional bath products manufactured with synthetic fragrances and preservatives that can disrupt both your nervous and endocrine system. Our aromatherapy blends contain oils that have been sustainably distilled from aromatic flowers, plants and herbs, and have been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes, dating back to the world’s great civilizations of ancient Rome and Egypt.

Helen Keller once said, “Smell is a potent wizard that transports us across thousands of miles and all the years we have lived.” For me, having a bath is a simple yet powerful pleasure that softens the hours and days to come.

After the bath, I Iove cooling off by misting my face and décolleté with our Botanical Bloom Essence. I also mist my pillow with this before bed. The witch hazel soaks up any excess oils and prevents breakouts, and the aroma is so clean and soothing). I love using our replenishing body cream, Petal Fudge to really lock in moisture for the night with rosehip oil, citrusy petitgrain, ylang ylang, coconut oil and shea butter. If I’ve had a really busy or stressful day, I ask my hubby for a 5-minute shoulder and/or foot rub with our therapeutic massage blend, Muscle Melt, with eucalyptus, lavender and sweet orange oil. He only has one touch, and it’s deep and strong, so sometimes I have to brace myself, but it always feels so good after.

The Night Ritual - When I Feel My Most Beautiful

The night ritual is the ultimate self-seduction. I find when I go to bed without looking after my skin, even the quality of my sleep is affected. My laziness trials into the next morning resulting in dull skin and puffy eyes. Who wants to start the day already playing catch-up? Sometimes we have to downshift in order to really take the time for ourselves, but it's always worth the extra effort. I find carving out time for a full night ritual just feels really good, and keeping it simple yet luxurious with the right products is all you really need. 

I always start with the Countess Cleansing Nectar to wash off makeup and the day  without stripping the natural moisture barrier- it really is like botanical nectar and works wonders to remove stubborn eye makeup (with a soft cotton pad or facecloth) due to the gentle cleansing emollients and sweet almond oil. (We also have a new potion coming this Fall- the Petal Restoration Steam, handcrafted with organic flower petals to cleanse pores and infuse the skin with pure phytonutrients.) Then I use the Neroli Eye Ritual, especially because I have allergies and my eyes need extra love and hydration. This formula is so sensitive, yet ultra preserving with rosehip oil, cell regenerating neroli oil (which smells incredible), aloe vera gel juice, and a smidge of restorative lavender to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

I follow with Lolita Face Drops (one of our first, most beloved and signature potions with preserving rose geranium and lavender) or Ambrosia Beautifying Complex (my personal favourite- I just find it transforms the skin instantly with blue tansy, helichrysum and evening primrose oil as key ingredients) and sometimes I love to layer with Night Cocoon, with turmeric oil and collagen boosting pomegranate peel oil, if my skin is feeling like it needs the extra antioxidants and vitamins. Ironically, this is when I feel most beautiful- without a trace of makeup, with glowing, well-nourished skin. 

All of our potions are so intentionally created, encouraging radiant skin, while soothing and healing the senses. I always pause to breathe in their soft aromas for further relaxation. There is something so affirming about our ingredients coming directly from the source of the most healing plants around the world. “I wish that life should not be cheap, but sacred, I wish the days to be as centuries, loaded, fragrant.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Jade Face Roller & Simple Abundance Meditation

This ritual is really all you need to achieve harmony before bedtime, especially if you often go to bed feeling anxious. Normally I do this lying down in bed in a savasana position, where I can slowly scan my body and check in with myself. It also inspires me to connect with my breath, and soak in the cool, soft strokes of the Jade Face Roller that decreases puffiness, and increases collagen production and circulation. I take a moment to savour this small moment... I love to expect that something good is going to happen the following day, and just listen to my quiet mind chatter until it I can find some stillness. My mother taught me the power of positivity and living in simple abundance, and I really believe it contributes to my daily happiness. I think we can all agree that just climbing into bed is so satisfying, especially into soft, clean sheets. If I’m really tired, I just let myself fall asleep, sometimes with my jade roller still in my hand. My husband often wonders why he’s waking up with it under his shoulder. Happy inspired fall from all of us at PURA. We hope you love this restorative season as much as we do, but if you don't, we hope these  self-care suggestions and natural beauty rituals change your mind a little. 

  • Post author
    Lane Edwards
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