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PURA at home: With Justine

We have been very busy in the studio this summer preparing for the launch of new potions coming this fall. The addition of these new potions to our line and removal of others (shop these potions at sale pricing while you can) has risen thoughts of change, and what bigger change is there than a renovation of your home. Having said that, I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with lifestyle blogger, Justine Alyssa, from With Justine to discuss her PURA ritual and heritage home renovation.

Tell us about your blog?

With Justine is a lifestyle blog where I write about the adventure that is renovating a 103-year old heritage home. In a time where heritage homes are often demolished to build modern, skinny structures, my husband and I decided to save an old house that we have named The Madame. Majority of the work is done ourselves (my husband works in the construction industry) with our french bulldog, Miss Waffles, supervising. I started With Justine as a creative outlet and a means to share our renovations with our family + friends. It has since grown into much, much more. It has become a part-time job that has connected me to Edmonton’s creative community and brands I admire, like your own! On With Justine, you will see not only my love affair with antiques, but also small tributes to life's tiny, fleeting moments & all the whimsical things that make my heart happy.


Tell us about your inspiration for this gorgeous bathroom renovation? 

Many people believe that the kitchen is the heart of a home, but I would argue it is actually the washroom. There is so much value in time spent alone being mindful of how we care for our face + body. The washroom is a place where we can put ourselves first. When we started designing our washroom, I knew I wanted to create a space that would inspire the relaxation and the self-care ritual that is so important to me. I pulled my interior design inspiration from Parisian spaces and tried to stay true to the era of our home.


What is your favourite part of your washroom?

It is a tie between our mismatched antique mirrors and the claw tub! The mirrors because they add immediate character to the room and the claw tub because, well, it speaks for its self! Believe it or not, at one time, the claw tub was actually red!

Were you able to keep anything original in your washroom? 

The space that comprises our current washroom was initially three separate rooms, so there is less of the original structure than you may expect. However, with that being said, the door + doorknob + door hinges and heat vent are original. We even use the original skeleton key to lock the washroom door. The claw tub isn’t actually original to the house. We believe it was purchased in the 1980s when a previous owner did some renovations. We did try to keep the original trim, but it was so old (and held together by so many finishing nails) that it more-or-less shattered when it was removed to reinsulate and update the electrical + windows. All the trim you see in this washroom was recreated to mimic the original design. This meant hours spent sourcing a perfectly matched header trim and pulling the side trim + baseboards through a router.


We LOVE this stunning bathtub and all the gold hardware. You obviously love your baths. Tell us how you like to relax in the bath.

Yes, I do! My bathtub ritual includes: lots of bubbles (I am huge fan of PURA's Whimsical Bubbles, by the way!), jazz or blues playing in the background, a glass of chardonnay, lots + lots + lots candlelight, dimmed lights (putting a dimmer switch in the washroom was such a great decision), and a good read.

What are your favourite beauty rituals for the morning & evening? 

I like to start my day by feeling grounded in a moment. I achieve this by going slow and taking note of my senses. Perhaps I should use a face cleanser, but prefer to wash my face with a splash of cold water - there is something about the simplicity of it that I enjoy. I follow this with a spray of PURA’s Clarifying Mist, application of Sweet Face or Ambrosia Beautifying Complex, and spritz the Gypsy Mist perfume.

My evening ritual is more elaborate. After lightly cleansing my face with PURA’s Countess Cleansing Nectar, I sit on the ledge of my tub and apply Night Cocoon, Overnight Watermelon Mask, or Ambrosia Beautifying Complex on my face + neck + décolleté. I alter my use of these potions based on what my face needs. If it is dry, I will use the Overnight Watermelon Mask. If it is oily, I will use the Ambrosia Beautifying Complex (myth debunked: applying oil to your skin will decrease your natural oil production).


Do you have a favourite beauty ritual or any beauty wisdom passed down to you from your mother or grandmother? 

Air-dry your hair, invest in high quality skincare products, and don’t forget to apply lotion to your neck.


What makes a woman beautiful? 

In my opinion, women are most beautiful when they are comfortable with their au-natural appearance. I am always mesmerized by the confidence that radiates out of a women when she goes out in public sans make-up. Because of this, I hardly wear make-up anymore. In fact, most days I leave the house with only lotion or oil on my skin. Focusing less on my appearance has caused me to pay more attention to my scent and how my skincare products make me feel. My confidence is rooted in how all-natural oils + mists + lotions make me feel.

What is your absolute favourite PURA potion?

Just one?! If I have to choose, I would say the Gypsy Mist. It is the perfect blend of all my favourite scents: sandalwood, lavender, and rose!

Tell us something about yourself we may be surprised to learn?! 

I was part of a small-town biker gang. Just kidding, kind of. I grew up in the country. My friends lived 20 minutes away, so I had to find ways to keep myself entertained during the summer months. My younger brothers had dirt bikes, so I decided to follow them around the fields. Once, I even tried a catwalk that resulted in a sprained ankle.


Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful heritage home and PURA ritual with us, Justine! We have enjoyed this peek into your life.

Photography: Emily Schutz

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    Lane Edwards
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