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    Lane Edwards

Pura Botanicals Joins The RAAS Market

Change is in the air - marvellous, thrilling, and humbling change. As the autumnal leaves shifted into a golden hue, we took it as a positive omen (with yellow being a sacred colour for Pura) that it was time for us to ebb and flow into new territory; this new territory being a luxe pop-up retail concept at the RAAS (Retail As A Service) Market.

This past Sunday, Pura opened shoppe in West Edmonton Mall with twenty-nine other local Edmonton businesses, including So Pretty Cara CotterMala and Me, Cloud Nine Pajamas, Moonshine Doughnuts, Wild Prairie Soap Company, and My Daughter Fragrances. Yes, you read correctly – thirty local businesses have now opened shoppe in West Edmonton Mall! We are pleased to be both expanding our business and to be part of a retail concept that makes it easier for people to shop local - and just in time for all your Christmas shopping needs! It is our wish that this holiday season that you are able to discover new local businesses at RAAS and fall in love with the care and thought put into each piece they have created or sourced.

Where will the RAAS retail concept be located in West Edmonton Mall?

You can find Pura on the lower level near Entrance 52, next to Chapters and Fantasyland Hotel, by the pirate ship. We are the first cube across from Starbucks!

What is happening to our 124 Street studio?

We will continue to open our studio doors to the public every Thursday 10:00am to 5:00pm for online order pick-ups and shopping. Online order pick-ups will be exclusive to our 124 Street studio. 

Now, I would like to introduce you to the Pura Botanicals and So Pretty Cara Cotter team of green beauty + timeless jewellery enthusiasts and their favourite Pura potions.

"I have been using Cocoa & Rose Body Oil for quite some time now. I use it every day after showering - I love it! It is highly moisturizing. Leaving my skin so soft, and it smells incredible!" - Katherine, Retail Educator

"My favourite potion is the Ambrosia Beautifying Complex. I always describe this as the Rolls Royce of ALL face oils. It's like a time machine for my skin! The supernatural and organic ingredients like ultra-nourishing helichrysum, Moroccan blue tansy, Italian neroli, plumping evening primrose oil and Chilean cold-pressed rosehip oil make a difference in my skin's appearance and texture instantly. If I'm going to put anything on to preserve and rejuvenate my face, this is it!!! This would be my 'must-have' product on a desert island. I can't live without it. Not to mention, the deep and uplifting aroma is euphoric to me.The azure hue to the oil is beautiful too. I love the ritual of applying it morning and night." - Lane, Founder and CEO

"One of my favourite Pura potion’s is Overnight Watermelon Mask. I am an outdoor enthusiast in the Winter with Downhill Skiing, Cross County Skiing and running. I  started using Overnight Watermelon Mask as my day cream last winter and really noticed how protected my skin felt in the elements.  I use to get  dry chapped skin mid winter, (especially on my chin where my buff would be) and I must say, my skin looks and feels radiant at the end of the day when I wear Overnight Watermelon Mask. My second favourite potion is the Enchanting Lullaby Mist which I use as a nighttime spray over my pillow and above my head every night.  The scent It is so soothing and calming even for a 50 year who no longer has little ones at home!" - Sonja, Bookkeeper 

“The Rosemary Clarifying Mist works wonders for my acne prone complexion. The rosemary oil works to heal acne scars and protect against free radical damage while the tea tree and lemongrass oils help to keep my skin looking smooth and clear.” - Sophie, Retail Educator

"My favourite Pura potion seems to shift depending on the season but the very first potion that I fell in love with was Princess Clementine. This lightweight moisturizer smells heavenly and is the perfect amount of hydration for my oily/combination skin. I use it daily under makeup as it leaves my skin feeling soft but not greasy." - Emily, Digital Development Lead

"As an aging consumer, one of my favourite Pura potions is Neroli Eye Ritual. I have used this faithfully over the past 2 years and have noticed a decrease in the fine lines, which I like to refer to as "life lines", at the corner of my eyes, as well as puffiness and darkening under the eyes. Wish this potion would have been around in my earlier years. LOL." - Cathy, Director of Operations 

"The Turmeric Night Cocoon is my night dream cream. My skin looks radiant using this beautiful cream! I find that my skin looks rejuvenated, hydrated, and calm; without breakouts. It's thick enough that delivers moist to my mature skin but without being too heavy. It's part of my night beauty ritual when I'm not using the one and only Overnight Watermelon Mask." - Ines, Retail Educator

"I am a huge fan of the Petal Fudge Replenishing Body Cream. It lives on the side table next to my bed, so I can lather my skin with its vitamin-rich and skin preserving nutrients before bed. The rose scent and intentional formula keep me buying jar after jar, year after year." - Justine, Content Lead

"I have been really enjoying the men's The Nobleman. I use it on my face, as well as in my beard, my hair, and my cuticles. I very much enjoy the rich scents of the essential oils in this potion." - Landon, Production and Shipping Lead

"I have been using Neroli Eye Ritual for a year now and I love how it lightens my dark shadows, and has a tightening effect. The scent is absolutely wonderful as well. The Overnight Watermelon Mask deeply hydrates my skin. I use it every night and when I wake in the mornings my skin looks fresh, and supple." - Roxann, Retail Educator 


We are humbled by the growing request for green beauty. It is our belief that everyone should have access to beauty products that they can feel safe and proud to put on their own bodies, and their little ones. It is because of our loyal and beloved customers that we are able to grow into a new retail space, helping us meet our mission to make all-natural beauty accessible. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being part of our journey.

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    Lane Edwards
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