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  • Three PURA Potions For Your Beach Bag
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    Lane Edwards

Three PURA Potions For Your Beach Bag

The summer can be a particularly busy time of year for many of us. The kiddos are home for summer break, celebrations begin to flag our calendars, and the yard calls our attention. With all these new additions to the week, it is especially important to take time for yourself to recharge and enjoy time with your loved ones. For many of us in PURA family, this means evenings and weekends spent at the lake or a local pool. There are three PURA potions that we think every beach bag needs: Mane MistHoney and Ginger Deodorant, and Petal Fudge


You will want to spray this sensual floral and witch hazel mixture into your luscious locks throughout your beach or pool day. The witch hazel will hydrate and protect your hair from elemental damage, which is especially important with increased sun exposure, while the rose geranium will add shine to make your hair glisten in the sun’s rays. What really classifies this delicate and intoxicating botanical mist as a summer essential is the trace of Himalayan sea salt and roasted seashell essence that will help your hair achieve a luxurious beach-y texture.



Let’s be honest, the summer heat has us all applying extra deodorant throughout the day. With increased deodorant usage, we think it is time to be intentional about what we are putting onto our bodies and avoid synthetic, baking soda free and aluminum-based products. This blend of pure organic honey, anti-microbial eucalyptus and antiseptic ginger will not only discourage odor, but will let you rest peacefully on your beach towel knowing that what you’ve used on your body is all-natural.



With increased sun exposure, it is essential that you regularly moisturize to soothe dry, parched skin. Lather and massage this ivory elixir onto your hands, feet, arms, and legs. This nutrient-rich cream is handcrafted with rosehip oil, petitgrain, aphrodisiac vanilla, and chamomile. Together these ingredients stimulate healthy cell renewal, collagen production, maintain the moisture and oil balance, and combat sun damage. You will swoon over the scent too, we promise.


Dress: Kundalini Gown by Myah Penaloza

Photography: Emily Schutz


  • Post author
    Lane Edwards
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