Meet Lane

From an early age, I was fascinated with making potions on a little step at the side of our home. I spent hours concocting healing tinctures. It was my appreciation for nature and the beauty ritual that guided me down the path to becoming a green beauty alchemist and perfumer.

I spent years exploring the world, spending time in France learning about perfuming, and eventually lived abroad in Sydney, Australia where I studied aromatherapy and their native bush flower essences. With a degree and background in corporate branding and communications, I've always felt compelled to build a legacy focusing on empowering women through healthy living.

Pura started as a dream over many sleepless nights, while I was expecting my second child. Having your own children brings your consciousness to a whole new level. Now as a mama of three to Morgan, Cove and Emery, motherhood is my greatest treasure. The concept of handcrafting our family’s personal care products empowered me with the choice of using clean, ethically sourced and quality self-care products, instead of mass produced, chemical based products. This labour of love for my family eventually grew into what is now Pura Botanicals. As a green beauty entrepreneur, my efforts are to change the lives of women and their attitudes on self-care and conventional beauty products.

Before officially launching Pura in July 2015, we took three-years to carefully research and formulate every product ourselves, ensuring the utmost quality, while delivering the most powerful results. Pura has evolved from a wellness collection to our extensive line of one-of-a-kind skincare and botanical perfumes. We take enormous love and care in handcrafting our potions with the finest, supernatural materials from around the world. At the heart- we beleive the beauty ritual recharges our sense of femininity and wellbeing.

We are passionately committed to sustainability, safety, and creating the most advanced green beauty care inside our modern-day apothecary and creative headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. It is my mission to share and educate women that health-conscious, nontoxic skincare is not only good for the earth, but also elevates a woman's appreciation for her natural individual beauty. In pure we trust.

With Love,

Lane Edwards
Founder & Director
Pura Botanicals Inc.



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