In-House Lab & Studio

We are the creators and makers of our all-natural skincare and wellness collection. Every potion is handcrafted in micro-batches in our own in-house lab and creative headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Canada is known for its pristine air, clean water, and majestic mountains. These are the elements we infuse into our products.

Our Founder, Lane Edwards grew up on her family's farm, which has given her a sincere appreciation for the golden prairies, and a deep love and respect for animals. From childhood, her mother and grandmother taught her about the power of herbs, natural beauty remedies, preventative medicine, and healing through nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Lane's childhood asthma was also cured by Chinese Medicine and dietary therapy. 

"I have always felt my best in nature. Plants inspire me with their beauty and ability to heal. There is a wholesomeness about Mother Nature and her gifts that we all need to sustain our health." -Lane

Transparency & Our Home Away From Home 

From the source. Our Lab. Our hands. Our expertise. 
Our unique formulation process allows us to test our products on people, NOT animals. We pride ourselves on luxurious texture, aroma and performance. Just walking into our lab and creative headquarters is relaxing, as our signature aromatherapy is so soothing and uplifting. We've created a space we love to create in and share with our customers. We are open to the public on Thursdays, because we feel it is so valuable to share behind-the-scenes, and show people where their skincare is made. Integrity and transparency are two of our greatest values at PURA.  

It is also important for us to manufacture, bottle and hand label each potion ourselves. This ensures each bottle is of the highest quality and freshness possible. 

Anyone will tell you, when they walk into PURA they feel welcomed, rejuvenated, inspired, and PAMPERED. 

"PURA really started, because I felt so passionate about making my own beauty care products that I could trust. To do the research and learn about these exquisite, natural ingredients from all over the world is fascinating and rewarding work. It would be my life-long mission to protect women's health by educating about and innovating safe, non-toxic, & results driven skincare." -Lane 


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