"Pura Botanicals, where you can customize your own eco-friendly perfume."


"it’s especially refreshing to find a company devoted to letting your natural beauty shine through. Meet Pura Botanicals, a company that does all of this and more!"



Lane Edwards, founder of PURA BOTANICALS, has opened a picturesque 1,200-square-foot space for her all-natural eco beauty line."

"Beauty is about confidence and to feel confident, you have to feel great about your skin."

"We sit down with clients one-on-one, and we essentially build them a custom fragrance from scratch."

"To Lane Edwards, the most important part of a women’s day is the ritual that allows her to pause and restore her natural beauty."

"Art, intuition, enchantment, and a trained nose allows a good perfumer to create a scent that is not yet found in nature, but something new that captures the evanescence of nature."

"With its mouth-watering scent and oh-so-pretty hue, lathering on this creamy mask feels like a treat — a vegan, gluten free one."

“I’ve always been more interested in how to take care of ourselves in a really holistic way, and how to be preventative, making sure we live to a ripe old age and do it gracefully”.




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